Gates for Trucks and Trailers

Gates are becoming a more important part of the transport industry.

Regulations are changing all the time.

And some mine sites enforce truckies to have gates on their truck or trailer before they can enter their sites.

Safety Priorities

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are informed of government regulations and that everything is secured to your truck or trailer.

Should freight fall off your truck or trailer, you will be held responsible and it could be very costly, especially if someone injures themselves.

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Truck Gates

Australian Importing Group - Truck Gates

Dimensions and Weights


Frame sizes are 25 x 25 x 1.6 mm galvanised tube
Uprights are 20 x 20 x 1.6 mm galvanised tube

Load Racks

Load racks at the front & rear are necessary on most trailers carrying general freight as they can help stop the freight moving. They can be supplied in 2 classes from light weight up to heavy duty.

Light weight load racks can be fitted with flat inserts inside the bottom 250mm to help stop them cracking or bending at the bottom. This enables you to have a load rack that can still be handled easily but less chance of cracking or bending at the bottom.

Dimensions and Weights

Cross Bars
Light Weight150035.72.02
Heavy Duty150045.63.22
Light Weight180041.52.02
Heavy Duty180053.03.22

Load racks & gates are kept in stock for most makes of trailers or if not in stock can be made to order in a short time.

Curtain Siders

Beware of the fact that side curtains are not classed as a load restraint. So if you have a pallet or anything inside with no gates and not tied down, it is classed as being not secured.

Some newer trailers have special curtains which are classed as load restraining, but you would need to check with the manufacturer.

Load restraint curtains are generally designed for equal loading such as a full load of pallets of equal weight.

Australian Importing Group - Curtain Siders

DIY Gates

Different size gates are kept in stock with no pins attached.

You can purchase the gates to suit your size truck & weld the pins on to suit the holes in the tray.

Pins & catches can be supplied as well as different types of gate pockets to suit the tray.

You will need to know what type of combing the tray has. The combing is the steel beam running along the edge of the tray. It may be a channel, RSJ /eyebeam, or a flat bar combing.

If it is a flat bar combing, we need to know the overall width of the tray to determine if the gate pockets can go on the outside or have to go on the inside under the floor.

The maximum width including the gate pockets is 2500mm.

Fittings available: Banana Catches, Corner Pins, Corner Chains and Gate Pockets & Pins. See Accessories.

Australian Importing Group - DIY Gates

Handy Hint

A good tip is when you are travelling empty to lay the gates down as this is when they rattle around and the metal becomes fatigued!

Mine-Site Safety Gates

Mine-site safety gates on trucks and trailers are now required on most mine sites if you do not have any gates fitted.

The reason for the mine-site safety gates are that they are much lighter and easy to handle, are painted yellow (required by most mine sites) and are only waist high, making it easy to load or unload over the top of the gate yet any person standing on the truck or trailer has something to stop them from stepping over the edge.

There are no standards regarding these gates or how they should be fitted, but some mine sites have their own standards so you would need to check with the mine site that you are transporting to.

Australian Importing Group - Mine Safety Gates

Access Ladders

The access ladder fits onto the rear of any semi-trailer as long as it has the holes for a rear load rack.

The access ladder is incorporated into the load rack which is 900mm high. When not being used the ladder folds up out of the way.

By having it on the rear it does not have to be removed for loading of the trailer and means less chance of the freight obstructing the opening of the gate.

Australian Importing Group - Access Ladders

Truck Ladder

Australian Importing Group - Truck Ladder

Dimensions and Weights

SpecificationsCode: Truck Ladder
Size750 to 1000 mm
Steps2 or 3
Fitting4 x 12 mm bolts
Approx weight15 kg
FinishingPowder Coating (Yellow)

Tracks and Roller Kits

Roller kits and tracks can be supplied only or supplied and fitted. Rollers can be supplied for most tautliner tracks.

  • Reduces heavy manual lifting
  • Accelerates loading and unloading
  • Reduces risk of back injuries
  • Prevents cost of loss or damaged gates and theft
  • Permanently suspended gates reduces risk

Australian Importing Group - Tracks and Rollers Diagram


Freighter rollers will fit most Freighter trailers & some other trailers.

Aluminium tracks are available in 7m lengths @ $220.00/length inc GST. Roller type A fits this track. (See diagram)

To measure rollers: Wheel Dia is distance from top to bottom of the wheel. Wheel Width is distance from outside of one wheel to the outside of the other wheel.

Wheel Dia
Wheel Width
ProfileCodeInc. GST

Australian Importing Group - Roller Type B B / B30

Australian Importing Group - Roller Type D D

Australian Importing Group - Roller Krueger Krueger

Australian Importing Group - Roller Vawdry Vawdry

Australian Importing Group - Roller Freighter Freighter

Gate Accessories

Whatever you have, be it called a Flatbed, Traytop, Tauntliner, Curtain Sider, 8 Tonner, Semi-Trailer, B-double, Roadtrain, Pig Trailer or Dog Trailer, we will have gates in stock that will fit.

You just need to pick them up and weld the pins on to suit the holes in the tray, or cut your own holes and away you go.

ProductInc. GST
Banana Catch$ 16.50
Corner Chain$ 16.50
Corner Pin$ 16.50
Gate Pocket Type 1$ 8.25
Gate Pocket Type 2$ 5.50
Gate Pin 170x50x10 mm$ 3.50
Gate Pin 170x50x8 mm$ 3.50

Australian Importing Group - Banana Catch Banana Catch

Australian Importing Group - Corner Chain Corner Chain

Australian Importing Group - Corner Pin Corner Pin

Australian Importing Group - Gate Pocket Type 1 Gate Pocket Type 1

Australian Importing Group - Gate Pocket Type 2 Gate Pocket Type 2

Australian Importing Group - Pockets and Pins Pockets and Pins